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This Year's Charity

2016 Oregon AWHONN

Fall Conference


  • Preliminary Program
  • Sunday, September 25
  • Monday, September 26
  • Tuesday, September 27
  • NCC Codes
  • Presenters
  • Handouts - Now available. Attendees, please check your email for the link.


  • Poster Display Application Form - CLOSED


  • Lodging
  • Meals

This Year's Charity

Silverton Area Community Aid

Each year, Oregon AWHONN selects a local charity to support during the Fall Conference. While it is not mandatory, we ask attendees to reach into their hearts and donate as they can. This year's charity is Silverton Area Community Aid (SACA).

SACA's Vision

"Our vision is of a community in which people have access to nutritious food and basic needs are fulfilled. We believe in fostering a spirit of cooperation within the community so that individuals and families are offered support in times of hardship."

SACA's Mission

"To make a positive difference in our community by providing food, financial assistance, and information to people in need in a respectful environment"

Any donation is greatly appreciated.

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